Why we do submissions/assessments as WordPress posts

Why we do this assignment (post our content on WordPress)

As you’re probably aware the internet has radically transformed information industries  and journalists are increasingly expected to be able to demonstrate multiple proficiencies across multiple platforms.

Organising your work as a post on a website gives you an opportunity to get the overview of your work in a more holistic and contextual way than handing in assignments on paper or word docs word docs. 

These are the things I am looking for on a Post submission/assessment

Text: Headline & introduction/SEO Keywords in the first paragraph and clear idea of what the story will be about.

Writing/phrasing: Active (not passive voice); clear sentence construction; no ambiguities in the writing creating sentences or paragraphs where reader might be lost/confused.

Image: Adds value to the SEO (refer to the periodic table in Week 3).

Hyperlinks: At least three links help add value to the reader and helps add value to you as Google views external links as evidence of site value 

Word count: This is to give you practice in writing to a specified word count on deadline.

On SEO – there is no need to get to obsessive about SEO just yet as long as you know what it is and how to attempt to look for it.

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