Understanding headlines in SEO and news analytics

In class today we reviewed the slides from yesterday which looked at how analytics work in the newsroom and the specific parts of content that we need to pay attention to as student journalists (typically headlines and intros).

We then looked at my high-scoring (5k views and counting!) collection of social media policies (see policies on this page) and decided to write some new headlines to improve on the page’s SEO-ability. Why is this? Because the page is not turning up when we search for words like “social media policies” and “news organisations

Clickable headline tool

We used this cool Moz tool to preview the clickable headline (aka title tag) and then students submitted their entries to be used on the piece.

Students also suggested that I change around the intro to see if that helps the piece get picked up and shared more widely and I think they might be right!

I am running an A/B test on the headline and the winning headline-writer is going to get a gift card!

The winning headline-writer will be the one whose headline gets the highest Content Engagement Rank from Google’s new News Analytics. As you can see from the screenshot below the original content with the original headline was ranking a lowly 7th on my site.

May the best student win!